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Introducing Swiftqueue, the new blood test online booking system

Patients will soon be able to book blood tests online using Swiftqueue. The new online booking system for patients in Lambeth and Southwark goes live in August 2023.

Swiftqueue allows patients to see live appointment availability and make a booking at a convenient time and location of their choice. This will improve patient flow, minimise wait times and reduce overcrowding. Patients are also able to cancel and reschedule appointments online.

To register follow the link or scan the QRcode at the bottom of your blood test form. For more information about creating an account, booking or cancelling and appointment please view the Swiftqueue patient user guide

Swiftqueue FAQs

What does Swiftqueue do?

Swiftqueue is an online booking system that allows patients to book their own blood tests at a convenient time and date. Patients can also view, reschedule and cancel their appointments online.

When will Swiftqueue go-live?

We are working closely with our partners and supplier to go-live with Swiftqueue in August 2023.

Why is it changing?

Swiftqueue will enable a more efficient, patient-centred phlebotomy process. It is a reliable and established booking platform that is already successful in a range of NHS hospitals and clinics. We are introducing the online booking system to improve patient experience.

Why is it better than the current system?

The booking system will help phlebotomy hubs manage the patient flow which will result in minimised wait times for patients and reduced overcrowding.

How will this change affect patients?

Patients will be required to book their blood tests online using Swiftqueue. They can do this online, using their mobile device, computer or by using the kiosks located in phlebotomy clinic waiting areas. Patients under 16 can be added to a family member or guardians Swiftqueue account. Once added, an appointment can be made on behalf of the child.

What if a patient isn’t confident with digital technology?

You can make an appointment on behalf of someone else by adding them to your Swiftqueue account. Our friendly phlebotomy team are also on hand to support you in making an appointment or you can use a kiosk which is available in the waiting areas at phlebotomy clinics. A limited walk-in service will be maintained for those who are unable to book online.

Will walk in appointments still be available?

A limited walk-in service will be maintained for those who are unable to book online. Walk in patients will be given an appointment time for that day where available or be supported to book an appointment for another day.

Can I cancel or change a Swiftqueue booking?

Yes, Swiftqueue allows patients to view, reschedule or cancel appointments online. View and manage your appointments by logging in to your account online and clicking My Appointments.

What if a blood test is urgent?

Swiftqueue will  hold a number of urgent slots each day for patients who need to be bled urgently. Your GP should mark your blood test form as urgent by writing urgent or same day on the form. If your GP hand writes this, please ensure it is validated with your practice’s stamp or your GP’s signature. When making your appointment online you will be prompted to answer if the test is urgent or routine. Select urgent and complete the rest of the booking process.